Online Exam

  1. Diving instructors, who is organizing the program, should schedule one week before the exam with the exam center . For this, please send an e-mail to and please, wait for the answer.
  2. The online exam can be taken in any home, office, or empty classroom with an internet connection that enables live video connection. When the exam started, only students who were taking the exam should be situated in this room.
  3. The computers will be used in the exam. If there was more than one student during the exam they have to be use another computer in that hall with skype connection. This system must be tested with the exam center before the exam.
  4. Exam takers will fill out an online form right before taking the exam. This form is similar to printed form which will be signed.
  5. The participant have to show a ID or driver’s license which is officially pictured, for 20 seconds to the camera..
  6. The system will automatically select 10 questions for the exam and ask them to participant. There is a limited time for each question.
  7. The results will be send via e-mail to the student and the instructor of the student a.s.a.p. In order to pass the exam, 7 out of 10 questions must be answered correctly. If the exam is not passed, it can be re-entered within a week at the earliest.